The 4 best machines for making fresh pasta

The 4 best machines for making fresh pasta

Every day there are more people who dare to innovate and enter the world of the kitchen. There are more and more tools that facilitate the work in the accomplishment of this task done that moves more people to encourage themselves to learn to cook or to improve the knowledge already acquired. Previously we saw the best machines cotton domestic sugar and the best robots best market cuisine. Today, we will go a step further by analyzing what are the 4 best machines to make fresh pasta at home.

Pasta is a nutritious food rich in carbohydrates, fiber and amount of benefits and properties. The pasta is really important and essential for a healthy and balanced diet. In addition, pasta provides a lot of energy for our day-to-day life.

Machines for fresh pasta are all benefit because we can cook fresh pasta tastier, healthier and adopted our own tastes without restrictions. Are you thinking of getting one? Then you should read this review and find out which are the best machines to make fresh pasta.

Guide to buying the best pasta maker

Guide to buying the best pasta maker

There are variety of machines with different qualities and different materials so it is first necessary to consider some features:

  • Material: There are number of machines to make fresh pasta of different materials on the market. The most common and appropriate is to look fresh pasta making machines stainless steel because they are not only more durable, they are also easier to clean. Although there are other materials such as plastic, aluminum or wood
  • Operation: There are two types of machines to make fresh, manual or electric pasta maker. The manual machines are powered by rollers which are driven by a crank to stretch the pasta dough. The machine must be secured by screws to a flat surface. It is advisable to use this type of machines to perform the action between two people; one person holds the mass of fresh pasta while another person turns the handle so it may be inconvenient. Electric machines make fresh pasta on the contrary lead fitted with a motor driving the dough between the rollers. The advantage of the latter is that its use is simpler, faster and more efficient than manuals.
  • Cleaning fresh pasta has the disadvantage that dirty lot and such machines typically have elements that cannot be moved or removed so we buy a machine to make fresh pasta that offers cleaning as easy as possible.
  • Accessories: Finally it is important to note that possibilities offered by our pasta machine to make different kinds of pasta: tagliatelle, tortellini … Depending on the type of machine can do more or less types. It is also necessary to look if our machine allows adding extra accessories that increase the possibilities available.

The best machines for making fresh pasta


  1. Best pasta maker Ibili 773100

One of the machines to make fresh pasta economic market is 773,100 Ibili whose usual price is € 34.84, but now you can buy it for just 25 euros. It has a modern design made with chromed metal material.

Its weight is light and has dimensions of 21.4 x 17.8 x 14 cm that make a machine to make fresh pasta compact and small so keep it in the kitchen will not be a problem since almost no space. It is a manual machine that has sergeant to fix and removable head. The options offered by this machine make fresh pasta are not too large but has a graduate regulator that allows roll out the dough to the thickness of our choice. It is the best choice if we want an economic machine, easy to use and perfect we are beginners in the use of machines to make fresh pasta.

  1. Fresh pasta machine 3 in 1 AMOS

One of the best machines to make fresh pasta is the model 3 in 1 Amos, a professional machine that meets all the features previously mentioned in our guide. Its stainless steel material assures us its durability and good quality.

Operation is the only drawback since it is a manual and non-electronic machine. Its features mentioned it is an easy machine to clean and the most important and keep in mind when buying this machine is that it has a variety of accessories include two cutters that produce different widths perfect dough for lasagne, tagliatelle … And Seven adjustable levels depending on the recipe we make. Finally the handle is removable so it is easy to disassemble and store and includes a recipe book so we can test it nothing more to buy. Your price is around € 30 and you also have free shipping.

  1. Best pasta maker Imperia Italian 505

Considered by consumers the best fresh pasta making machine 2016. Why then, he is not in the number 1 position? Because unfortunately it is not the cheapest machine to make fresh pasta which leads her to move to number 2. What has this machine to be so spectacular?

With steel and chrome material its quality is unbeatable and very durable. It has a good support and easy use within reach of children and adults. What is the best thing about this machine? The amount of accessories that bring shovels to catch the flour, brushes for creating shapes and coloring our dough, rolling pin … In total 9 pieces to experiment and be creative when creating our own fresh pasta. You can buy it for 135 € a 2% discount and free postage.

  1. Fresh pasta maker Klarstein Pasta Maker

And now the No. 1 spot, the best pasta machine fresh money in the market. If we had to answer the question of what is the best brand of machine to make fresh pasta? Pasta Maker certainly would choose to Klarstein. Ideal for those who enjoy creating their own fresh pasta as it has a simple operation and easy to use machine.

Its material is chrome-plated stainless steel with clamping grip to maintain the safety of the machine. It is easy to clean. It has adjustable roller blades and kneading and the best, includes three different accessories to make spaghetti, ravioli, agnolotti, empanadas and tortellini. This machine meets all the requirements that we mentioned above as well as being a cheap machine to make fresh pasta for money. You can buy it for less than 60 €.

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