SMEs: Essential steps to develop a good digital marketing plan

SMEs: Essential steps to develop a good digital marketing plan

The first step to succeed with an online marketing plan is to understand, through a training program and information, the advantages that it has for SMEs. Probably one of the most common mistakes is that the entrepreneur does not have enough knowledge to design and execute a project well done and with guarantees making the strategy on his own and without professionals.

Experts Plenummedia, specializing in digital marketing for SMEs company believe no longer enough to have a website but it must go further and include in the marketing plan aspects as a social networking strategy and adaptation of the web The mobile devices. In digital area nothing replaces nothing but everything is complementary, in this way, it becomes necessary to take steps forward.

marketing conceptAccording to recent studies, the list in the use of mobile devices with Internet access and more and more are making purchases online. That is why it is essential that the entrepreneur invest in the Internet because the needs of society have changed, before the physical store was needed and today a virtual platform 24 hours a day.

On the other hand, social networks have become an excellent medium with great possibilities of segmentation and the possibility of interacting with customers. Dialogues between you and you are established between the brand and the consumer, which generates closeness and confidence. However, this strategy must be supplemented by content marketing, which is so valuable to an SME.

In this sense, the essential steps that any SME should follow to develop a good digital marketing plan are:


In order to know the sector and activity of the SME, it is necessary to carry out a detailed analysis of the trend in the sector, the current socio-economic situation, the type of products or services to be launched or the competition facing the company. Internet is undoubtedly the “medium” to find out all this content and to know in detail how the competition behaves.

Objectives and strategies

It is important to state in detail what we want, who we are going to target (target audience) and how we are going to achieve it. For this, it is appropriate to establish strategies more similar to achieve market position and high profitability.

Establish an action plan

Once we have defined our objectives and strategies, we must include the main actions we will take to reach our target audience. Some of these actions may be:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Mobile SEM
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Google, Yahoo !, Bing, etc.
  • Web design and programming (domain and e-mail creation)
  • Dynamization in social networks
  • Corporate Video Production

Updated website

Every SME must have a website, with its own domain and interesting, dynamic and up-to-date content, avoiding the excess of ‘self-deception’ and self-complacency. Generating content through videos, blogs or links to other relevant sector / activity pages will help attract users to the company’s website. In addition, the page needs to be adapted to mobile devices.

Control, measurement and evaluation

Once the SME Marketing Plan is implemented, it is advisable to evaluate and analyze the results obtained through measurement tools such as free Google Analytics. By means of these measurement systems, the company can know the clicks made, the origin of the traffic obtained, or the sections of the most visited web sites.

Common mistakes in the digital marketing plan

Marketing plans should not only focus on traditional offline channels, but currently the evolution of markets forces you to be present in the most relevant online channels. We must bet on a mix of media with different media.

Another risk factor is the fact that the campaign is not designed by a professional. It is necessary that the entrepreneur dedicates himself to his business and delegates in the hands of professionals everything related to digital strategy, especially when marketing is a changing sector and very sensitive to technological changes.

In addition, the digital strategy should focus on the user with whom we want to interact. The secret is not obsessing neither in our brand nor in our positioning, but to understand and anticipate how the desired user is going to fix us. The user is the center of any digital strategy.

Digital Marketing Plan relaunched

However, sometimes the strategy selected is not correct, so it is necessary to identify the mistakes made and to understand why they have emerged and how they can be improved.

The Internet world has a particularity and is that there are no rules of gold and that is why it is almost imperative to try different strategies. Analytics is the key to any digital project. His teachings and metrics are ultimately a learning for the future.

Sometimes it is also difficult to achieve good results with a reduced investment, so the entrepreneur is forced to either focus targets or expand the budget allocated.

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