How to deal with challenging behaviour at work

How to deal with challenging behaviour at work

Being at work can present a number of challenges, and if you have to deal with unpleasant behaviour it can be difficult to know what to do.
Negotiating work relationships

Challenging behaviour might come from a co-worker, manager, supplier or customer, and the way you manage it will differ depending on the situation. Here are some approaches you can take.

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Defuse the situation

Before trying to work out what is causing the behaviour, it’s best to try and defuse any emotion. A person is much more likely to engage with you rationally once they are no longer in the heat of the moment and their anger has subsided.

Moving away from the environment you’re in, even just to another room, is a good way of creating the space and time to allow the situation to subside. The Citizens’ Advice Bureau advises that before taking the situation further, it is best to informally speak to your employer.

Put yourself in their shoes

It can be hard, but it’s worth asking why you think this person is acting the way they are and whether it’s a one-off or a pattern of behaviour which needs addressing. If you decide to respond, try and do it in a positive way and with a view to moving on.

There are ways in which employers can deal with issues by arming staff with the tools to deal with difficult emotions. One way of doing this is through mental health awareness. If you are looking for mental health training courses Blackpool has a number of providers such as

who can give advice.

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Reach a solution

Hopefully, you and the other person or your employer can reach a mutual agreement which allows you to move on in a constructive way.

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