Three Design Tips for Small Kitchens

Three Design Tips for Small Kitchens

A kitchen best serves the household when it is functional, accessible and uses space smartly. By carefully considering your layout, even the smallest of kitchens can give the illusion of size and space.
The concept of a kitchen has evolved from a single-use space to a multi-functional room that is required to meet many different functions. Good kitchen layouts are not determined by size, but rather by the clever use and organisation of what is available.

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Design Tips

1.      Narrow shelves and units are great when space is at a premium. Consider adding pull-out shelves to maximise storage capacity, or deeper drawers that are more space-saving for housing pans than a conventional cupboard.

2.      Uninterrupted kitchen worktop space ensures that your kitchen remains clutter-free and retains an organised and clean aesthetic, whilst providing you with a practical area for food preparation.

3.      Integrating your appliances also gives your kitchen a streamlined and more spacious appearance. By integrating items such as the microwave, you are also freeing up valuable counter space. The sink, oven and fridge should all be at a working distance from one another.

Kitchen Refurbishment

Updating your kitchen space so that it works harder for you and your family does not necessarily require the disruption and high cost associated with a complete kitchen overhaul. Specialist kitchen refurbishment companies can help plan and update your space, utilising the units that you already have in place.

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For details of what a kitchen refurbishment involves, visit a specialist such as and find out what services they provide.

Whatever your space or budget restrictions, it is perfectly possible to breathe a new lease of life into your existing kitchen space, so that it fits better with the needs of your family, lifestyle and storage requirements.

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