Dealing with an awkwardly shaped kitchen

Dealing with an awkwardly shaped kitchen

If you are a renter or homeowner with an awkward kitchen layout, you’re not the only one. It’s not uncommon for kitchens to have unusual or unique layouts, making it hard to benefit from the space available.

With a little creativity and some smart design choices you can transform your kitchen into a beautiful and functional space!

This article will provide tips and strategies to get the best out of an odd or awkward kitchen layout.

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1: Identify Problem Areas

Look at your kitchen carefully and make note of any awkward areas or spaces that are difficult to access. This could include areas with awkward corners, appliances that are not positioned well, or an insufficient amount of counter space.

Make a list of any possible problems in your kitchen. This will allow you to address them all as you make improvements. For help with a Kitchen Refurb, consider

2: Make Vertical Space Useful

Vertical space is a great way to maximise a kitchen with an awkward layout. Installing shelves, racks or cabinets that reach the ceiling is the best way to make the most of an awkward kitchen layout.

The space above cabinets can be used as extra storage. Install hooks or hangers to the wall for pots, pans and other kitchen tools.

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3: Invest in multi-purpose appliances

Consider multi-purpose appliances if you have a limited amount of counter space, or a stove or oven that is in an awkward location. For example, a microwave can also be used as a convection or slow cooker.

4: Be Creative with your storage

Storage is vital in a kitchen with an awkward or unusual layout. Install pull-out shelves or drawers under your cabinets for small items, such as spices or utensils.

Install a magnetic knife strip or pot rack to keep all your kitchen tools at hand.

5: Choose a flexible layout

When redesigning your layout, select a design that will adapt to changing needs. Consider installing a kitchen island on wheels which can be moved to other kitchen areas when needed.

It can be difficult to deal with an awkward or unusual kitchen layout, but you can make it work with creativity and smart design decisions.

Use vertical space. Invest in appliances that are multi-purpose. Get creative with your storage. Choose a layout that is flexible and can adapt to changing needs. Follow these tips to create an attractive and functional kitchen.

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