What is mystery shopping?

What is mystery shopping?

A third party company hires people to pose as customers and visit or contact a store, restaurant or other service in order to gather information about the business or product. The mystery shopper, while pretending to be a real customer, evaluates the different aspects of the customer’s experience. The mystery shopper’s feedback is then used by the hiring organisation to improve customer service and products.

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The mystery shopping tool is an extremely useful first-hand market research method. Businesses use mystery shoppers as a way to get valuable insight into their products or services from the anonymous perspective of consumers. Understanding how mystery shoppers work can help you to perform this role effectively. For more information on this from a Data Analysis Company, visit https://shepper.com/

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Modern mystery shopping may involve a number of platforms. While traditional mystery shoppers visit a store in person, mystery shopping assignments can be conducted on any platform. The purpose is to test different areas of customer service. Mystery shopper assignments could include:

  • in person
  • Telephone
  • Social media or the company’s website

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A mystery shopper will visit a business on a specific date and time. Each mystery shopper role focuses on a specific area of customer service within an organisation. A mystery shopper’s assignment may include completing certain tasks, such as asking for assistance from a customer service representative. It’s important that the mystery shopper not reveal their true identity or purpose when completing their task.

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Many companies require mystery shoppers to submit their reports electronically. The mystery shopper may also provide any other data that could be useful to the employer. For example, images that show a store’s cleanliness. Mystery shoppers are required to complete reports within a short time frame, as hiring companies have strict deadlines. Other reports are written documents, while others are just multiple-choice questionnaires.

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