How to save money when driving

How to save money when driving

Saving money while driving involves considering fuel efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.

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Ensure your vehicle is well-maintained

Get your vehicle serviced regularly. Adhere to the recommended maintenance schedule to ensure your car continues to run efficiently. Regular servicing can help identify and address issues before they become major problems. Keep your tyres properly inflated to the recommended pressure to improve fuel efficiency and prolong their lives.

Choose fuel-efficient vehicles

When considering buying a new car or van, research the brands and choose one with good fuel efficiency to reduce fuel costs. For used vans for sale Tewkesbury, you can visit showrooms such as

Save on fuel through good driving habits

Drive in a fuel-efficient manner by accelerating and decelerating smoothly, maintaining a steady speed, and avoiding unnecessary idling. This can help you save on fuel costs. According to the Daily Express, gentle driving is the key to reducing costs.

Shop around for the best insurance

Shop around for the best car insurance deals online, and consider amending your coverage based on your driving habits so that you can lower your premiums.

Can you car share with a colleague?

Consider car sharing with a colleague and then split the fuel costs. Look also at using public transportation or getting on your bicycle when possible. This is especially useful for shorter distances, and it will reduce your fuel expenses.

Look out for fuel loyalty programmes

Take advantage of retailers’ fuel loyalty programmes or discount cards offered by petrol stations to reduce fuel costs.

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Drive during off-peak hours if you can

Avoid driving during peak traffic hours to save on fuel. Off-peak travel may also result in better fuel efficiency due to smoother traffic flow. Remove unnecessary items from your vehicle too, to reduce weight and improve your fuel efficiency.

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