Six residential property types

Six residential property types

The property market across the UK is extremely diverse and includes a number of different types of properties to suit all tastes and preferences. Here are six of the most popular residential property types that you are likely to see on the market in your local area.
1. Apartments or flats

Apartments or flats are individual units that form part of a larger residential property or development. Studio flats are ideal for students, single people and couples who aren’t looking for lots of floor space, whereas larger multiple-bedroom apartments can offer plenty of space and easily accommodate a growing family.

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  1. Maisonettes

    Maisonettes are similar to flats. However, they cover at least two floors and are generally located within buildings that look like a row of terraced properties. Whereas apartments generally offer a single entrance, maisonettes are usually equipped with their own entryway, which can offer slightly more privacy.

    Many flats and maisonettes are offered on a leasehold basis, so it is important to be aware of the lease conditions and work with a conveyancing solicitor who handles leasehold negotiations. More information about the conveyancing process can be found here:

    3. Bungalows

    These single-storey properties are often equipped with a spacious loft area offering plenty of storage and are able to provide excellent levels of accessibility as there is no need for a staircase. Bungalows vary in size, however, they are typically more compact than two-storey houses, making upkeep more manageable.

    4. Detached houses

    Detached properties are completely separate from other properties, which is why they prove to be so consistently popular among buyers. Detached homes generally also benefit from gardens to the front and the back, offering an extra element of privacy.

    Most detached properties are sold on a freehold basis. Always research your options when seeking out freehold conveyancing quotes to ensure that you receive the best advice for your circumstances.

    5. Semi-detached houses

    Also often referred to as ‘semis,’ semi-detached properties share a single common wall with a neighbouring property. During the 20th century when suburban areas expanded significantly, semi-detached properties were very popular, as they offered a good amount of space and privacy without the price tag of a detached property. According to Gov.UK, in January 2024, the average price for a semi-detached property in England was £288,000.

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6. Terraced houses

Terraced properties are attached to neighbouring properties, often in rows stretching between three and 10+ homes. Terraced properties make up a large percentage of the housing stock in cities with a strong industrial past. However, there are also neighbourhoods right across the country which are made up of vast terraced residences commanding high prices in incredibly sought-after areas.

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