What is earwax?

What is earwax?

The tiny glands that line your ear canal produce a waxy substance called earwax. The earwax plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy ear. You can sometimes see earwax, which is made up of a mixture of skin cells, wax and dirt.

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Cerumen is another name for this wax.

It isn’t a condition until it produces symptoms. It can become uncomfortable and, in rare cases, cause temporary hearing impairment if it accumulates too much. For Ear wax removal Bristol, visit www.earwax.co.uk/ear-wax-removal-near-me/bristol

What symptoms are associated with earwax buildup?

  • A full sensation in the ear
  • Earache Pain or itching — This is usually the case if an infection has occurred.
  • Ringing sounds (also called Tinnitus).
  • Hearing problems
  • Dizziness

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What is the cause of ear wax?

When the self-cleaning system in your ears is disturbed, ear wax can build up. It can be hard if wax accumulates.

The ear can’t clean itself if it is too narrow or has an unusual shape.

The use of foreign objects (such as cotton tips, hearing aids, and earplugs) in the ears can limit the process of self-cleaning and promote earwax buildup over time.

Who’s at risk for a buildup of earwax?

It is normal for some people to produce more earwax than others. This does not mean that you are unhygienic.

If you do the following, it is more likely that earwax will build up.

  • Have narrow or hairy ears
  • Work in dusty or dirty places
  • Try to clean your own ears with cotton buds. Cotton buds can cause wax to be pushed into the ear.
  • Wear earplugs and hearing aids regularly
  • Since wax becomes harder as it ages, it won’t come off easily.

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