Santa’s home has just appeared on a real estate website

Santa’s home has just appeared on a real estate website

Everyone wants to know where Santa lives, particularly at Christmastime. Luckily he’s so famous that a letter addressed to Santa Claus, North Pole, will be delivered to him. Now, we can take a look at the jolly man’s home, thanks to real estate website Zillow which has a listing for Santa’s House at the North Pole. It’s a lovely wooden chalet with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and 25 acres of land complete with Christmas trees. That’s plenty of room for the reindeers to play but they also have stables to keep them warm. Outside, along with the stables, is a garage for parking the sleigh and Santa’s toy workshop.

Santa's home has just appeared on a real estate website

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Take a peek at Santa’s House

Although it’s not for sale, the idyllic North Pole house is estimated to be worth $656,957, according to Zillow – It was built in the 1800s from timber logged on site and is oozing with old world charm, but with modern amenities after a recent renovation. Step inside and you’ll be warmed by the floor-to-ceiling fireplace which is perfect for roasting chestnuts on an open fire. The kitchen is idyllic too with an oven which has 12 different cookie settings – that should keep all the elves happy!

You can take a look at the most famous house in the world and marvel at its cosy wooden interior at Zillow, where children can also follow Santa on his Christmas Eve round-the-world journey to deliver all the presents. Just click on Locate Santa on the right side of Santa’s House listing to follow his journey with NORAD Tracks Santa.

Copy Santa’s example

Although Santa’s House is not actually on the market, you can design your own beautiful wooden home which will be just as snug. You can set up a wishlist of features you would like, such as open fireplaces or a large kitchen. Then contact a timber frame construction company, such as to talk through your requirements and get estimates.

Timber-framed homes are beautiful and sturdy, which may explain why more than 70 percent of people in the developed world live in them. The design is flexible and it can be quick to build. Start dreaming now and you could be living in a lovely home like Santa’s before you know it.

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