A company should not take more than an hour to respond to customer queries

The social networks are the ideal place to connect with customers means, but it seems that many companies still do not know, especially in the case of small. More than half of customers expected to mark will provide such support through 2.0 channels. However 2 out of 3 feels that this communication fails, or takes too long to occur.

Time is the determining factor in assessing the quality of service, so consider 66% of customers. In addition, 61% feel that brands do not communicate in an effective way with customers.

A company should not take more than an hour to respond to customer queriesWhat is the average response time?

The slow response of brands in social networks angry consumer. The results of a recent study conducted by Havas Worldwide, suggests that consumer expectations are very high as far as obtaining a response from the media is concerned, and brands that fail to meet those expectations risk defraud an important part of its customers.

Social networks are the channel of immediacy, conversation in real time. Therefore, a trademark should not take more than an hour to respond to your customer. So consider 4 out of 10 customers. However, only one-third get that long-awaited answer. At least the performance of the company does not usually take more than one day period in which 26.3% have well serve your customer. In other cases task takes about 4 hours (32.5%).

What benefits can get a brand that provides effective customer?

The advantages are many, maybe more than they expect brands, and results in terms of:

  • Notoriety and fidelity. 7 out of 10 customers who have had a positive experience with the brand in this regard the recommended among your contacts.
  • Increased turnover. 42% of those customers who have been properly addressed through social channels acknowledges that buy more.
  • It helps to regain lost customers. 12 positive experiences are needed to alleviate the effects of a negative. Instead, customers are able to forgive. 36% would trust a brand that will respond appropriately.

In fact customers are decidedly against manufacturers only want to be heard and receive appropriate care. On the other hand, it is the best way loyalty customers, including the ability to turn them into brand advocates. 73% of customers are satisfied with a brand that responds adequately because it believes that meets your expectations and is able to anticipate their needs (71%). Therefore, you can avoid problems (64%) and live up to their demands (65%).

Facebook and Twitter are the most effective channels to reach customers. On the one hand, Facebook is the leading social network, its number of users has already exceeded 1,150 million. 70% of consumers following a local company through this platform. On the other hand, Twitter is by definition the social network of conversation. In this environment interactions, exchanges of views and information are continuously happen. A place where you can easily send a message directly to a brand. 88% of users follow at least a mark in this network of microblogging.

You see, the customer 2.0 has many advantages for both manufacturers and consumers. Only a matter of plan and start the necessary resources to provide good service in this area.

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