Keys to customer loyalty in social networks

Keys to customer loyalty in social networks

Do not be sad about a farewell. A farewell is necessary to reconnect again. The entrepreneur who has a business dealing with the public must do everything possible so that this reunion takes place and becomes loyalty.

Customer loyalty is an important task that requires the necessary attention. A loyal customer, therefore satisfied, is invaluable to the company. Let’s analyze exactly what it means to be loyal: it means increasing the value of our customers, retaining them.

Keys to customer loyalty in social networksA company that gives value to the loyalty of its strategy, is betting on quality and not quantity.

Why does a person decide to follow your brand?

Most of your loyal customers follow you because they want your brand and why have you decide on your timeline of Facebook or Twitter to remain aware. However you should not be satisfied with this you must continue to act so that they remain faithful to you.

What is important to be able to keep customers loyal?

  • Knowing your needs: apply the technique of listening through monitoring.
  • Stay on top of their views: react quickly in case of complaint or negative comment.
  • Provide them value: offer always more than what they expect.

And how do I apply it to social networks?

  1. Creating interesting content. If someone decides to follow your company in social networks is because they expect interesting content. Try to be creative, market research and publish, videos, infographics etc.
  2. Conversing with your customers, asking opinion or participate in a project. Show our fans that behind the company account there are people worried about their interests and that being able to interact is a good way for those customers to be satisfied and to speak to others in the company. Important: always have the right people to answer and dedicated only to social networks: a Community Manager. It does not give a good result that the same person (sometimes the own entrepreneur) open some account in Social Media waiting for the fans to give conversation, …
  3.  Providing them value. If they follow you on Facebook or your corporate blog is because they expect added value, for example the evolution of the sector, latest developments in the sector etc.
  4. Fidelio in a creative way and not the typical primer points. Foursquare is increasingly a choice of loyalty program for many companies. They send information to smartphones where people are shopping. This means that not only will the company sending the notification increase its sales, but also the location where the customer is will benefit from this type of marketing.
  5. Rewarding them for choosing your company and not the competition. Alicia Keys rewards the loyalty of her fans by letting her listen to her new album through Facebook, before anyone can even buy it. This is a very attractive interactive experience for fans, but it also allows the promotion of a creative and attractive way.
  6. Having exclusive customer channels on social networks is a good way to build loyalty. Satisfied customers will continue with the brand and if you do an effective management the unsatisfied will become satisfied, therefore in potential loyal customers.

In short: you create loyalty by treating people as they want to be treated. Show your customers that you care about what they like and do not like.

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