Marketing for your small business

Marketing for your small business

As a small business owner it can be difficult to find the time and budget for effective marketing strategies. However, marketing our business is essential for people to learn about your services and brand. The more you sell yourself, the more sales you’ll get. Important advice to follow is don’t blow your whole budget on just one channel as you need to reach as wide an audience as possible. Here are some tips for streamline marketing:

Set up a Twitter account for your business as this is a great medium for offering discounts and offers. Tweet your whereabouts if you have a physical store and regular updates and before long you will have followers and these are potential customers.

Set up a Facebook page for your services. You can upload pictures of what you offer and it lets people know what’s new in the business and can make you look more professional.

Set up a website as this is essential in today’s world. If a customer is looking online then they will google your business. Your Twitter and Facebook pages should contain links back to your website. A strong online presence is crucial but if you’re not sure about where to start with website design then seek the advice of a professional service. For Devon web design visit

Marketing for your small business

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Convert your customers into brand ambassadors by offering them discounts if they recommend a friend and that friend uses your services. People are far more likely to use a business if it has been recommended by someone they know.

Offer a discount card to reward for loyalty to your business. This tactic is used by many of the big name businesses and is a sly way of hoping that the customer will buy more than they actually need in order to get something free.

Run a competition with a prize and advertise it on social media. This will attract people who may not have otherwise noticed your business or realised that they needed it.  Also it might help to try and win an industry award. Sometimes all that’s needed is a good application and if you are successful then contact the local press to see if they will run a story on your business. State details about your award on your website and this will increase faith and trust in your business.

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