The ‘check-in’ lost popularity among mobile users

The ‘check-in’ lost popularity among mobile users

A new report from The Pew Internet and American Life Project draws the map of the location of these services today. It shows that one in three adult users of social networks has at least one account that has been installed to show the location in their publications. That’s almost twice as people who had in 2011 (14%).

Users under 50 years old living in suburban areas are more likely to label their location, but other than that very large group, there are differences of use in terms of gender, income or education level.

The check-in lost popularity among mobile usersHowever, the use of check-in in local has experienced a fall. Pew notes that the number of check-in has fallen from 18% to 12% since last year.Specifically, today, all users of geolocation services, 39% makes local check in with Facebook, Foursquare uses 18% and 14% using Google Plus.

What is the future of check-in?

The Pew study indicates that “these trends show the rise of interest in the location and the role it could play in the lives of users and technology companies are scrambling to offer more types of applications alert to indicate users who and what is around them.

We must not forget that 35% of smartphone users have turned off the location function of your device. And among adolescents the figure rises to 46%, due to concern that third parties may access such information.

Companies must know how to combine all these interests and fears to offer a geolocation service that truly useful to users.

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