Pinterest vs Instagram: What choose to attract more customers?

Pinterest vs Instagram: What choose to attract more customers?

When you’re starting to think about your social media plan, should you choose for your company the most graphic part such as the images is important, you quickly come to mind an interesting debate: What social network should I use, pinterest or instagram ? You have to choose one? Worth perhaps it is in both?

In this article we will put the case you do not have resources to work both. To resolve this issue, worth plantearte two key elements that will help you see clearer:

– What is your target audience?

– What are your goals?

You answering these two questions will find that you can decant for one or another.

Pinterest vs Instagram What choose to attract more customersInstagram features and pinterest

To answer these questions, the best option is to make a short “trip” to see who is behind each social network:

1- Instagram: as users see its 3 main features:

– 150 million active users monthly

– The average age is 18-34 years

– It is a mobile platform is important because if your strategy is more mobile, you must choose instagram.

2- Pptions: If we do the same for this network:

– Between 60-70% of users are women: if your potential customers are female you must choose pinterest.

– It is a web platform: instagram counter – looking…

– Average age exceeds that of instagram

To finish them apart, you can also do as you chase goals. This simple chart will help you get 3 quick keys:

Keys to your marketing strategy with images

Once you have made your choice and the parameter described as you only need to describe your marketing strategy for social networks such as peculiar:

– Optimize images to SEO: each image you post you can add title, tags and description. This can further enhance your SEO strategy and also keep in mind that many users use search engines to images too. It is a source of traffic that cannot be wasted.

– Pinterest or Instagram + Facebook: one of the actions that work very well is to photography contests on Facebook linked to the social network you have chosen. Very interesting synergies thus created.

– Measure your impact on both social networks: here I recommend different tools for each:

– To instagram: you can use BlitzMetrics or Curalate.

– To pinterest: Tailwind

– Follow trademarks or influential people related to your industry: this is useful to collect some interesting ideas. There is an application that you can use:

– Instagram: Statigram

– Pinterest: Postris

– Using hashtags (#): In your publications you can use this resource to be found more easily. If you do a brief survey of the most relevant keywords for your industry you can keep trying to see which ones bring you more traffic.

What do you think? With this information you have enough to decanter or pinterest instagram?


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