Storytelling: 3 Incredible examples of stories that sell

Storytelling: 3 Incredible examples of stories that sell

Have you ever wondered why you have the television series so successful? The answer is quite simple really; the human being is hooked to stories. We are naturally curious people and stories arouse in us many feelings that make us “empathize” who tell the story. There’s the foundation of Storytelling.

That “someone”, that character can be your brand or company. There you have a great opportunity to genuinely connect with your customers and different. Explain who you are, what motivates you, what seduces you or what you have in common with them. It is true that to create stories that engage you need the following ingredients:

– Know what you want to convey that story and set a real goal.

– Be clear whether this story fits with the values of your company and your customers.

– Creativity and ingenuity. Do what it takes to have a good idea: sport, adventures… Of your routine and find the idea needed to carry this out.

Storytelling: 3 Incredible examples of stories that sellStorytelling: 3 incredible stories examples of selling

To put into practice some brief concepts presented earlier in this article, I propose these three stories:

1- Kuka: Chinese company to promote their services robotics sponsored a real match, played in bulgaria, between a world champion tennis against a robot arm designed by themselves. The story in question is: “Man versus machine, who will win?” Here seeks to demonstrate the potential of this company that can develop robotics able to compete as the best of humans.

2- The Libero magazine this independent football magazine large publishers, devised a fantastic campaign to attract potential readers. He launched a series of stories, most video with the slogan: “If you explain to understand football.” The main objective is to connect football with everyday situations to “empathize” with your audience.

3- The “fake” Amazon: Did you get to see the news saying that Amazon would use a kind of drones?, that was supposed to use for your home deliveries. For it was a lie. With that story they came out in many newspapers and much of their brand was said during those days. Objective? To imply that Amazon is the latest in technology to meet the demands of its customers.

The stories have enormous potential, if well told, create excitement and are in line for your brand values. You can win a lot of visibility and quite effective. In fact, it is one of the best branding actions you can perform.

Do you consider the storytelling a necessary action for your company?

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