75% of professionals in the sector bet on mobile marketing for the success of an affiliate program

75% of professionals in the sector bet on mobile marketing for the success of an affiliate program

What are the new trends in terms of affiliate marketing? Where are the business opportunities? Where is the behavior of the online consumer? These are just some of the questions in the survey that affiliate, a leader in results marketing, has made among its clients. A survey that shows that 75% of professionals trust mobile marketing as a clear and immediate bet.

The use of smartphones is transforming consumer habits among users, and this requires a parallel change or adaptation in the form of impacting and inducing the purchase of said users. This trend seems evident among the professionals of the sector with which affilinet has contacted and it is verified, in addition, the data of the III Study on Mobile Marketing. According to this report, Internet access from smartphones grew by 72% in 2011 compared to 2010 and 68% of users would be willing to receive more advertising on the mobile obtaining a benefit in return.

Precisely, for users to access their content more easily, companies opt for mobile support platforms, such as apps or geolocation. These allow personalization and individualization of the user while facilitating their loyalty. However, 70% of the marketing professionals consulted to carry out this study, insist on the need to optimize the payment through the smartphone, so that this does not hinder the purchase process and offers users the security and guarantees needed. In this way, the effectiveness of the affiliation campaign and the possibilities of the user repeating the purchase would be increased, something fundamental to make the ROI of affiliates increase.

On the other hand, and continuing with the keys for an affiliate marketing program to be a success, 87.5% of the professionals surveyed believe that good results are achieved above all through a fast, effective and efficient service level. permanent. Even though they are immersed in a society that moves towards more and more mechanized processes, the majority of marketing professionals continue to value service and personalized treatment, without which they believe there would be no results, says Cristina Berzal, director of affilinet for Spain.

The third point to highlight in the study is the concern of professionals for the control of fraud in marketing campaigns. In fact, a study conducted by Xamine with iBusiness in Germany, the fraud rate of the last year has increased, going from 18% to 32% in 2011. However, of all the platforms studied, it is affiliate who has been left with a price negligible, which guarantees rigid processes in this regard and a clear commitment to the transparency of the platform.

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