Avoiding the reputation crisis: Main objective of the Community Manager

Avoiding the reputation crisis: Main objective of the Community Manager

The Community Manager has as one of its main tasks, and perhaps the most important, the monitoring of the conversations that we are subject to throughout the web. Thanks to the monitoring and observation of the conversations produced on the internet, we can avoid unwanted situations for ourselves and that can bring us serious reputation problems.

The community manager must be the first to raise the alarm if he observes anything susceptible to becoming a fire, a fire that he must extinguish himself to prevent the embers from becoming a fire.

In a way, reputational crises occur because the professionals responsible for doing so are not able to identify the needs of their community, and therefore can not meet them, which we can effectively solve if we conscientiously study our audience and analyze the needs that you have, what you like and what you do not.

We must not forget that reputational crises are caused by the lack of foresight of the brands and by the poor preparation of them, which are launched into Social Media without having the necessary contingent, which must consist of a manual of action before this type of situations, or what is the same, an online reputation plan.

The needs of the community are met by developing a well-worked, well-crafted plan so that the Community Manager is able to provide each of our users with what they need.

It is necessary to lay strong foundations on which to build our brand and our presence, defining objectives, establishing employee policies aimed at solving online reputation crises and training their employees, so that they can make use of the new channels in an appropriate manner and effective

The human potential of a company is perhaps, although an intangible asset, is the most important possession. Thanks to the workers we will move the company forward, and we will create a powerful and well-trained team capable of responding to crisis situations, giving a good level of security to the company, which will undoubtedly benefit it.

On the other hand, reputation crises are avoided with training, teaching all workers to use social networks responsibly and coordinating efforts in the same direction. For employees it is important to feel part of the company, and making them part of a common project, we will be able to prescribe our brand, avoiding possible information leaks, which will create a long-awaited engagement between the company and the worker, and they can same link to clients or audiences.

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