The true value of ‘a follower’ in social networks

The true value of ‘a follower’ in social networks

Followers, retweets, fans, friends, tweets … This is what they seem to be thinking only and exclusively some people who decide to make the leap to social networks.

There are those who simply want to use social networks to gather followers and so that the number of their followers or “I like” box increases, that’s all, but they do not stop to think about what to get followers or fans.

It is more than clear that to get a fan or a follower is necessary to provide a good content, relevant and quality that interests our audience as well as having a fresh and close style, a style and a tone that is appropriate to the type of audience that we go, and, if we do it properly we will get, not a fan, not a follower, but many.

But it’s hard to get a follower or a fan, especially the latest. It is difficult to make someone click on the “like” of our fan page.

This is because, perhaps, users are much more demanding with what they want to receive in their profile, since Facebook is perceived by users as a more intimate site, let’s say it, than Twitter, and they choose more to whom to leave enter his biography.

It’s hard to get a fan, and a follower too, and it’s because of the high value they have.

It is not just another number in our fan or followers box, it is an opinion, a voice that speaks to us, a valuable user for us because it can contribute a lot of value in content and interaction with us as a brand. It is important because, well worn, it can become the greatest prescriber we can have, it is important because it can speak well of us to other people (and we already know that what works best is word of mouth, of all life) and, It is important because it can provide us with a lot of feedback so we can know if the actions we are carrying out within our strategy work.

A fan or a follower can tell us what they are interested in or not interested in, the topics that they want us to address, and that they can be representative of a group or community.

For this reason we must take into account what you have to say and listen to the moment you want to talk to us. We must be honest with them and be able to anticipate their needs.

It is not about winning a fan or a follower, but about winning a possible friend or prescriber who is going to give us something very important, his presence in our circle and his feedback.

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