Fast Food Companies Find Reef Through Mobile

Fast Food Companies Find Reef Through Mobile

2 out of 3 users have ordered food through the mobile phone at least once, as published in the study jointly signed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Viggle.

The study highlights how the mobile has been integrated into our daily life, to the point that it is used for activities as everyday as ordering a pizza. This is stated by Anna Bager, Vice President of IAB and Manager of the Center of Excellence in Mobile Marketing. 

The survey was conducted on a sample of 600 people, randomly selected from the Viggle database, made up of 2 million users. Of the respondents, 72% claimed to have ordered a pizza using their mobile device. It is the most requested fast food service via mobile, by far. The next categories demanded by smartphone users are hamburgers or Chinese food, in both cases with 31%, followed by wings (24%) and Mexican food. It should be noted that the study was conducted in the United States, where it is usual to use this type of fast food at home, even 2% indicated that they requested this service on a daily basis.

To carry out your order, half of the users have downloaded a mobile application from the company itself, such as Pizza Hut. For its part, another 55% have applications specially designed to order food at home,

As is the case of Yelp What can fast food companies do to encourage this habit and increase their sales through the mobile?

The study also collects the opinion of users on what could companies offer to increase the volume of orders:

  • 74% would make more orders, if they were set afire with discounts.
  • 64% would like the company to have a loyalty program, so they can accumulate points with their orders.
  • 54% demand more usability of the application, which makes it easier to order your order in a simpler way.
  • 37% want to find the restaurants where to place their order more easily.
  • 36% would like to be able to access the history of their orders placed.

As can be seen from the study, mobile applications play an important role in boosting the demand for home-cooked food service. Users have clear what they need, now it is up to the companies to live up to their requests.

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