Saltwater Aquariums-All about saltwater aquariums fact myths

Saltwater Aquariums Facts and Myths

Those of you who are willing to set up the perfect home of their fish. Here is what you should know when it comes to saltwater aquariums. A saltwater aquarium tank is one of the first saltwater fish aquarium supplies you have to think about. The saltwater aquarium tank, just as the other types of aquarium tanks, can be made of glass or acrylic. They come in different sizes, from very small to very large. Their prices vary based on both the material from which they are made and also their size. Once you have made up your mind on the type of fish tank and the size of the tank you want. You can go on with purchasing the other needed supplies. Here is everything else you need to set up a saltwater fish aquarium. Where you can get them from and also how much they cost.

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Saltwater fish tank supplies

Saltwater fish aquarium supplies are basically the same supplies needed for any other type of aquarium. Apart from the fish tank, one will need filters, ozonizers, heaters or coolers, feeding supplies, lighting, decoration, and backgrounds. With other words, one has to make sure that the aquarium that is going to be set up is very much alike the habitat of a saltwater fish.

What a saltwater aquariums needs

Saltwater aquariums need extra when compared to the other types of aquariums are the salts or salt mixes. It is almost impossible to get the right salinity and alkalinity of the water. So one can purchase these salt mixes from the market. You can find them at specialty shops or online, on various specialty websites. A good salt mix has to be free of ammonia, nitrates or phosphate. These salts can be used in both reef aquaria and saltwater aquaria. The prices of these salt mixes depend on the quantity that one is willing to purchase and the specific type of salt mix. Prices are however situated around $50-$60, but they can be even more expensive than this.


Decoration and backgrounds are also very important in saltwater aquariums. One can use all the types of substrates and plants, alive or fake, to mimic a natural environment for the fish. It is important to know that the better the aquarium mimics the natural habitat of fish, the less stressed one’s pets will be. Due to stress reasons, one is recommended to put the fish tank in areas of the house where there is not too much traffic. Too many people around the fish can stress them. Also, one should take under consideration various supplies such as UV sterilizers, pumps and test kits that will help them see if the aquarium’s climatic conditions are safe for the fish.


Contrary to common belief, fish are not easy pets to keep and as you may see saltwater aquariums and generally setting up aquariums can be both difficult, and time and money consuming.

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