Telemarketing, email marketing and remarketing: The 3 musketeers and their gunpowder

Telemarketing, email marketing and remarketing: The 3 musketeers and their gunpowder

The successes in sales do not come from executing a specific activity, but from the combination of many factors. Until we convince the client 100% and that firm, we have been adding many pieces to the sum. Some are responsible for an important part of the sale, the brand recognition, the product, the prices, the service, the sales argument. Others make more modest contributions, how the proposal is written, if we have a good website, if the commercial speaks in one way or another.

If we could observe a column with areas of color proportional wide representing the weight of the different factors that influence sales and its evolution in recent years, We would see radical changes. Some colors that would increase significantly are the recognition and notoriety of brand, price, sales argument, or customer orientation. 

Recurringly I see that companies have a mistaken idea of ​​what it means to create a brand or the tools and costs associated with working the reputation of it. Talking about a brand is often identified by the use of expensive marketing campaigns, unattainable for many companies, and the long term, when many managers are struggling to get ahead solving immediate problems. 

I often perceive that the word “telemarketing” provokes repulsive gestures. Probably because of ignorance of the many possibilities it offers, Is identified with calls to untimely hours of companies that are not what they pretend to look like. 

Recall some statistics Sometimes

it is advisable to remember things that should already be obvious to everyone. According to the last AIMC General Media Survey:

  • 48.7% acceded “yesterday” to the Internet (that is to say it accedes practically every day)
  • 62.9% of the upper class population accessed the Internet yesterday
  • 55.8% of the upper middle class yesterday acceded to the Internet

Some data according to the INE on companies with Internet access of January 2012:

  • 97.5% of companies with 10 or more employees have Internet access.
  • 65.2% of companies with less than 10 employees have Internet access.

These data make it clear that I do not need to go on the TV to communicate with my potential clients, and that the Internet gives me a great variety of possibilities to carry out marketing actions very segmented at very reasonable costs. But like everything else you have to do them well if you want them to work well. 

The three musketeers and their

gunpowder One combination that we use frequently and highly effective is telemarketing with email marketing, reinforced with remarketing:

  • Telemarketing: to initiate a business relationship with potential customers in a friendly, non-selling manner, offering useful and interesting information, getting the contact details; Designing actions of very high success rate, which result in a potential client who is waiting to receive an email.
  • Email marketing: using the email in a respectful and balanced way, sending 1 or 2 emails a month with useful and interesting information to create links with potential customers and test their interest in the corresponding products. Do not ever spam, it only serves to deteriorate your brand image.
  • Remarketing: to reinforce the brand in a moderate and respectful way, in support of the effectiveness of commercial actions.

The gunpowder formula consists of 75% of potassium nitrate, 15% of coal and 10% of sulfur. These percentages could be used in our case, with a 75% effort in telemarketing, 15% in emailing and 10% in remarketing, to get the commercial efficiency of our sales team to explode. 

How are you using online marketing to get more sales? Do you have any interesting success stories?

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