Branding Here and Now What do brands know?

What do brands know? How can you differentiate a brand in the food sector? How can we manage the brand in such a way that we generate value for the client and the company? Renowned professionals in the field of communication and gastronomy and consumer will respond to these issues in the framework of the Sixth Branding Conference Here and Now , under the title ‘Branding Taste, The taste of the brand’ will take place next June 2, at the Kursaal in Donostia-San Sebastián.

“Our menu consists of flavors and seasonings typical of the richest cuisine; all with some touches of leisure, culture and tourism. Flavors and condiments here, but also tasted by those who visit us, thanks to the fact that our organizations have worked on these aspects and have been able to transmit them through communication, creating reference marks. Others now start the road, “they say from the organization of the day.

With this conference aims to “sensitize the business world about the need to consider the brand as a key strategic asset when competing in increasingly global markets,” advance the organizers of the Conference, “as well as move attendees diverse methodologies to approach the management of the brand in order to generate value for the client and the company, “they explain.

For this, “we will reflect on the factors considered critical for optimal management of the brand in increasingly less traditional and more complex markets,” explain the organizers of the day.

Case studies and debate

The day will start at 9.30 in the morning from the rector of Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Iosu Zabala, the director of Innovation and Knowledge of the Chamber of Gipuzkoa, Ana Ugalde, and the founding partner of AZK, Dani Miguélez.

Next, the expert Xavier Olivé, will talk about ‘How to differentiate a brand in the food sector’, contributing his extensive experience in this field and offering useful clues to achieve this goal. Álvaro Boada, from De Dietrich-Grupo Fagor Group, will be the next expert to participate in the event, focusing in this case on the reality around an industrial brand, with his presentation “De Dietrich: bringing haute cuisine closer to home”. After his speech, the experience in this area of ​​a consumer brand will be embroidered, by the hand of Elen Orcolaga, of Angulas Aguinaga, with his intervention ‘Specialties of the sea in the new occasions of consumption’.

The section dedicated to gastronomic brands will be developed by José Luís Lapuente, from CRDO La Rioja, who will talk about ‘Rioja. Keys and challenges.

To end the day, a round table will take place in which the former pelotari Fernando Goñi, owner of the Hotel Quinto Real, will participate, which will focus on ‘Between fires and frontons and vice versa’ and Amaia García, from the innovative restaurant from San Sebastian ‘A Fuego Negro’ ‘, that will tell his experience’ A Fuego Negro: mark of senses’.

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