13 Ways or Attitudes to Act on Twitter Effectively

13 Ways or Attitudes to Act on Twitter Effectively

From the outside, Twitter can seem like a very simple social network. Access to it is available to everyone and its operation could not be easier, since it is based on the transmission of short messages. So far we agree, but how do you have to act to get effective messages? What should you do to be successful on Twitter? To be a shrewd twittered, it would be good to combine the qualities of these professions:

Sports journalist. Day by day you have to put into practice your ability to narrate the action in real time, almost minute by minute; if you blink, you lose it. It is important to have the journalistic sense of smell in order to know where the news is, in order to work only with updated information. Your followers will appreciate your effort and the informative value of your tweets.

Detective. To investigate the situation, keep a close eye on your target audience, inquire about their interests, know what motivates them. It is vital to discover what your habits are, when and in what way you move on Twitter.

Analyst. so you can immerse yourself in statistics, evaluate the scope of your message and find out the trends.

Strategist. Who better to establish the most appropriate action guidelines to follow and determine when to launch your message. Your task does not remain in the initial phase, but during the race you must watch closely the course of it, in order to adjust the strategy to the circumstances that arise. You will have to demonstrate your expertise in the daily combat that takes place in the Time Line.

Communicator. you are in a media, demonstrate your ability to speak in the written medium at the time of addressing the masses. Capture your attention and engage with your speech, your message will penetrate deeply and you will get loyal followers.

Creative advertising. Originality is essential, avoid following the path, escape from the clichés, your TL can not fall into monotony, but must be constantly renewed, bet decidedly by differentiation.

Poet. As a genius of written expression, flaunt your command of the word by creating these 140-character verses. Get inspired and touch the fiber with your message. There are many ways of saying things, resorting to metaphor and other linguistic resources to pour small doses of poetry.

Magician. Essential to create illusions using the magic of communication. Surprise the recipient with unexpected actions, use surprise factor to bring personality to your profile.

Philosopher. Give your content that profound and transcendental dimension that gets you to remember who told you. Get to the most intimate with your thoughts. One of the types of content that works best on Twitter are the famous phrases and sentences with a transcendental air. Transmit thoughts and make your audience reflect, they will not be indifferent.

Linguist. Take care of the spelling; nothing will help you to send a message with spark if at the time of writing you commit linguistic aberrations. The rush sometimes tend to play tricks, review what you write well.

Seller. After all, you are here to publicize your company and its products, you must be the best commercial that the brand has. To do this, you must thoroughly know its characteristics and show its benefits in the most appetizing way.

Animator. you have to show a proactive character, that invites action. Launches attention calls, proposes new things; In short, give life to your profile and mobilize your followers. In this way you will create a solid community.

Diplomatic. You have to be politically correct, use the left hand and be cautious when issuing personal opinions or openly participate in controversial debates.

As you can see, the qualities that are required to succeed on Twitter are not few, it is a very competitive medium, where information saturation is evident. How do you act on Twitter? What characteristics would you highlight?

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