Develop your brand, improve your offer and increase demand with social networks

Develop your brand, improve your offer and increase demand with social networks

Actually the interactions in social networks allow to improve the experience of groups of interest for the companies and this is not limited to the clients. The stakeholders are includes the prescribes, interested parties, employees and potential clients.

If we improve the experience of the people or groups of interest that surround the brand, every time we want to develop our brand, improve our offer, improve customer service or increase the demand for our products and services, we will be taking advantage of the benefits of social networks.

Let’s see some examples of actions that we can strengthen with just improving the experience of the prosper:

Brand development

When the Mahou brand decided to launch a campaign to position its brand and that is associated with leisure activities and events that take place in Madrid. He only had to improve the experience of people in Madrid through the Madrid Mola platform. This portal tries to demonstrate that Mahou knows perfectly all the events that happen in Madrid and provides this information updated by Internet. It also has the possibility of carrying information on the mobile.

Improvement of the offer of products and services

When The Harper Collins publishing house realized the enormous potential of novels for teenagers and the growing emergence of writers of this genre. I was looking for ways to improve their products (novels) so that they are more requested. So he decided to create Inkpop, the social network for teenagers where the authors could show their next creations to receive feedback from the young readers themselves. In addition, the social network allows teenagers to tell how to improve novels before their release. This substantially improves the experience of adolescent readers of these novels and writers. Which in turn allows to improve the supply of books of this type.

Increase in demand

When the brand Gallina Blanca identified that it could increase the sale of its pre-cooked food products for the urban public with little time to cook their food. He thought that by creating a community where quick recipes were shared for this audience, he would improve the experience of these people and thus increase the demand for their products and also identify the creation of new products for this public.

In conclusion, whenever we want to improve any marketing process in our company, we should only think about how to improve the experience of our stakeholders and success is assured.

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