Social Media: Less promotion and more conversation

Social Media: Less promotion and more conversation

Social Media is much more than a commercial showcase where companies display their products. It is a two-way communication channel, a scenario where the brand and the client can speak on an equal footing, without barriers or complex protocols that impede the conversation. Here users expect their brands to be accessible, to show them what they are like, what they expect from them and how they can respond to their requests. 82% consider that social networks, namely Facebook, is the ideal place to converse with your brand, do your followers feel that way?

Welcome to the realm of interaction

Our strategy as a company in Social Media can not be based on the unilateral emission of messages, with the sole purpose of which the users respond with a purchase action. Brand followers are saturated with the promotional information that fills their Time Line, strongly demand that companies open a path to interaction, show concern for their followers and, most importantly, take these suggestions into account and act consequently, that they do not feel that the words are carried away by the wind.

Operation get engagement

Encouraging engagement should be the priority objective of brands. For this the first step is to connect with your followers. You must get their attention by offering quality content, an infallible attraction to have them by your side. Users browse for information about products that interest them, especially appreciate the content related to leisure and entertainment, which incites them to action and can share with their contacts. It is time for you to realize that they have a voice, listen carefully and they will tell you how to approach them.

It is not about convincing, but about connecting with them

You do not have to persuade them to buy their products, our mission in Social Media is to engage in conversation with our target audience, to know you, to assert you for who you are and to connect you with a bond that allows you to connect; in short, establish an egalitarian relationship where both salgáis benefited.

The Power of Conversation

“Social Media are conversations, conversations composed of words and meanings that consumers elaborate around products, categories, needs they want to solve and trends in which they participate even without being aware.

Daniel Devai, Social Media Director at Epsilon Technologies points out in this regard that “understanding words can help us to discover insights and to design the right questions, because the key is to know what question to ask in response what we need to know “.

How is your behavior in Social Media? Do you just sell, or connect with your users?

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