Social Media and reputation crisis: How to prevent ourselves from facing them

Social Media and reputation crisis: How to prevent ourselves from facing them

76% of the crises that occurred in Social Media could have been avoided. Without a doubt, those who have truly suffered in the first person their devastating effects can testify … To prevent this type of situation, it is better to be prepared.

Foundation of a solid base. The company must focus its efforts on building a firm strategy in social networks, clearly defining the objectives to be achieved with Social Media. All audiences are equally important, both employees and customers must be protected by the policy of action before a crisis of online reputation. It would be really useful in these cases to provide basic training for employees, so that they know the tools that will allow them, when the time comes, to contribute their bit in defense of the company.

Prevention is the best defense plan. Have an action strategy in the face of an adverse situation for the brand in the online medium; that allows to have clear the way of acting, to avoid sailing adrift in the sea of ​​improvisation. Every company must have a team dedicated to monitor and manage the actions of the brand day by day; use a CRM-type system and the necessary tools that allow you to carry out your work professionally, and also be specially prepared to act in this type of scenario. It is also advisable to carry out internal drills to check the type of response that the company is capable of giving.

Training, globally. It is a very dynamic sector, constantly producing changes that can affect large scale. It is necessary to practice continuous training, recycling and improvement of techniques and modes of action.

Flexibility with the internal staff. The employees are the engine of the company; who should facilitate their development, giving them the necessary support and facilities to surpass themselves and achieve their personal goals; In short, to be able to perform, both as professionals and people. Encourage your employees to share knowledge and skills; encourages the connection between them in such a way that they enrich one another … Give them a voice and a vote, the possibility of taking an active part in the operation of the company, regardless of their productive work; that feel integrated in the organization, important.

Direct company-user relationship. The company must know how to react and make decisions based on the social panorama related to the company in real time, such as, for example, in the comments of the clients. Achieve the engangement with the consumer thanks to the new capacities recently assumed of the employees; This new model of social integration of all the integral parts of the company. Use effectively the valuable data provided by the statistics to make key decisions and be able to turn the strategy according to incipient needs.

The company must transmit an image of unity, that is only possible if it is practiced effectively. In this way, it will be able to communicate in unison from all possible fronts of action, transmit confidence and seriousness. At the same time it will be reinforced, its online management will be irreproachable and, in case of being involved in a crisis, you will know perfectly how to act. At what level of the pyramid is your company?

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