If you are not clear about what you want to achieve in Social Media, do not do anything

If you are not clear about what you want to achieve in Social Media, do not do anything

When it comes to developing your presence in social networks, forget about Social Media anything goes, and what you do will reach thousands of people. We agree that social media is an open medium, where you can access a vast amount of users, but your actions must have a very precise intentionality and be directed to a specific segment, at a given time. 

If you act in Social Media without being very clear to whom you are going, nor you know how to make your message more relevant, you will be wasting time and money. In social networks you can not be to be, it does not benefit the brand to keep a profile open that does not contribute anything really useful and different, whose content attracts value and usefulness.

Reject imitations. Do not dedicate yourself to doing the same as others do, you have to be unique and different, bet on it. If you just follow the usual guidelines, you will be one more, you will not get appreciated by who you are.

Express your strengths. Look inside yourself and discover your competitive advantage, what makes you special, why your customers prefer your services to those in the competition. That is the key, once you know what sets you apart, take advantage of it. Define your strategy based on those aspects, those virtues that you know you can beat your target audience.

Study what social channels and actions are the most identified with your brand, which are more useful to achieve your goal and those most appropriate to reach your potential customers. It does not make much sense, for example, that you spend much of your efforts on LinkedIn, if you’re a fashion designer. Consider yourself developing an active presence in Pinterest and taking advantage of the visual potential of your planks.

Focus on your target audience. Find out what your customers are like, what they like, where they move and, above all, how they act on social networks. Do not forget to take into account the use they make of mobile technology to consume information, so that your actions adapt perfectly to this medium and do not lose a large part of your audience.

The main thing is that you focus, that you are clear what your goal is, who you are targeting and how you want them to act. Once you have completed this section, design your strategy, which will include both the actions and the action timing. Always monitor the evolution of your campaign, analyze and readjust your strategy based on results. Are you already clear how to focus your strategy?


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