Taking notes during class

Taking notes during class

Each student is always asking how to study quickly and easily. Attend lectures and take notes on the subject matter certainly it helps and facilitates learning, but only if done the right way.

Note taking is important to be able to later revise the lesson content and make it they’re own; Read it later, they should have the function of explaining the key concepts, create logical connections; short notes serve to give an order to the flow of information that you incorporate in the lesson. But we must learn how to take notes properly, because if taken out of order can be confusing, instead of encouraging the learning of the subject.

First you have to obtain a notebook and a pen, and then prepare them to listen to the professor. Listen carefully is indeed one of the fundamental aspects of the note-taking: a distracted listening will only recollection of incorrect or incomplete, you may reveal unnecessary. Understanding is another important aspect whatever the method of study chosen: allow you to select the information you need or the most important and then write them correctly and quickly. When writing you needs to choose the right words; best to use their own words, because the notes are personal and those who wrote them must be able to read them and build a speech.

There are some simple rules that affect how to take notes:

  • To begin with a better note at the beginning of the lesson page, the date, time, and any information that will help to quickly understand what you are talking about.
  • You also need to find a comfortable position in which to sit, to facilitate a faster writing.
  • It is not necessary, however, write all the information, but we must focus on the key concepts and eliminate the superfluous; the teacher tends to repeat several times the important passages, so it will be easier to recognize them and mark them. If you do not understand some concept, better to ask the teacher to repeat soon.
  • In order to expedite as far as possible the writing and remain behind the words of the teacher, it is important to shorten not only phrases and concepts but also words and names. For example, you write “letter.” Try to minimize all the articles and prepositions that can be unnecessary. It may also be helpful to use different symbols to replace whole words, such as +, =, <, and draw arrows that serve as the connection, instead of beating about the bush that combine phrases. Warning: This device is good to use it only for your personal notes, never for a document or a class test.

Another important step for a proper method of study is the work at home, it is always best to cover and rearrange the notes when they return home, and the best thing is to do it the same day, in order to reconstruct the lesson thanks to the memory recent. Re-reading the notes, the ideal is to highlight or circle key words, underline the most important concepts, correct any errors, and make explicit the logical connections, so that even rereading the notes after a long time, you can repeat and remember the same connections.

The use of color is important in reviewing your notes: highlight the keywords or concepts with the same color photographic memory helps you remember and create links.

These are a few simple rules that you must follow if you want to learn how to study faster. Regardless of the method chosen to study, take notes is a need and take them well is just as important. Despite this, it is essential to integrate this knowledge with a good study from the book.


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