A day in the life of a bird control professional

A day in the life of a bird control professional

A bird control professional is an expert in the art of deterring pigeons and other nuisance birds from nesting, roosting and generally occupying a public or private space.

A day in the life of a bird control professional

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While this might not seem like the cheeriest of jobs, deterring these birds is essential if they are causing damage due to their nesting habits or their acidic droppings. In public places, there can also be the added expense of frequent cleaning to deal with. Droppings that are left lying can be slippery and cause accidents.

Don’t Feed The Birds

As a child, there was always something lovely about going to the park to feed the pigeons. Their little heads bobbing up and down as they eat crumbs is very sweet, but it’s not until you spend a day cleaning up the mess that you start to see the other side of pigeons. From desecrated statues to handrails splattered with mess, pigeons really know how to leave their mark. How can you deter pigeons, aside from putting up a “do not feed” sign?

When a bird control professional is called in, the first line of defence is usually spikes. Identifying rooftops and ledges where pigeons like to congregate or where their droppings cause the most damage and making them unattractive is a good starting point. However, for many places where people might also like to congregate, spikes are out of the question. The next practical solution is the decoy bird. These lifelike crows and birds of prey are a great way to ensure your neighbourhood pigeons keep flying and don’t land.

Removing Nests and Reducing Numbers

Of course, an important aspect of nuisance pigeon management in London is population management. A bird control professional from http://www.vvenv.co.uk/ will still recommend removing the food supply, whether it is pleasure feeders or unsecured waste, but they will also look to reduce the numbers before they occur. Removing nests or adding decoy eggs is a great and humane way to limit next year’s numbers and just one aspect of a bird control professional’s day.

After all, bird control professionals are not trying to eliminate all pigeons from the capital. For many visitors, the pigeons are an important part of the city experience. By reducing their numbers and roosting spots, pigeons can be a welcome sight again.

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