You’ve Written It, You’ve Earned It: Loyalty-Building Content for 2016

You’ve Written It, You’ve Earned It: Loyalty-Building Content for 2016

In order to achieve loyalty from your customers, it’s crucial that you and your company have set goals in place so you know what you’re working towards. Knowing what works for your brand and what you want to achieve from your content will allow you to optimise your efforts and achieve your objectives.

Youve Written It, You’ve Earned It

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You’ll probably know what does and doesn’t work for your brand, having already analysed the data on your recent content strategies. Many organisations find that infographics, videos and blogs are the most rewarding pieces of content when it comes to the number of shares and amount exposure they receive, so focus on these.

However, you can’t expect results to happen overnight, which is where many businesses fail. You have to put the programme in place, plan it, run it and wait patiently for your hard work to pay off. Joe Pulizzi, the founder of Content Marketing Institute says that many brands fall at the first hurdle because they either lack consistency or patience, which leads to their downfall when building loyalty with content.

Content Audits

Before you start you’ll need to do a content audit or ask companies such as to do one for you. This will indicate what works for your brand and what results in the most shares, so you can focus your efforts on these strategies whilst also expanding on them.

Before you start executing your plan of attack, you should calculate your ROI so you can find out what costs are going to arise from creating this content and what potential income could be achieved. It’s also a great way of determining how much time is going to be consumed by carrying out this strategy, providing you with the necessary evidence you need to get the go-ahead from your clients or boss.

Building Loyalty

When trying to achieve a successful content marketing strategy through things such as web design in Taunton, you need to place an emphasis on the loyalty received by sharing and promoting your content.

Content isn’t the sole focus: it is part of your entire marketing efforts. With visits to your site achieved through content, you can then look at how you can generate leads and customers from this. For example, you can place calls-to-action on the relevant pages that the content is drawing visitors into.

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