5 More Big Sports Business Trends for 2016

5 More Big Sports Business Trends for 2016

With every year, we see ever more impressive physical feats from the world’s elite athletes, running faster, jumping higher or otherwise excelling in their sports.

5 More Big Sports Business Trends for 2016

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After the most successful Olympic Games ever from Team GB in Rio in 2016, the numbers for businesses on the back the gold rush will be significant, with the sports industry and sponsorships worth billions of pounds.

Gender Parity

Traditionally, men have seen the big bucks sponsorships but now female athletes and fans are enjoying much greater status. Simon Biles was the stand-out competitor at the Olympics among a whole host of female successes. Astute businesses are seeing the reach and the buying power of women in sport and are using targeted initiatives to market their products.

The success of the women’s hockey team is a great example where children will want to emulate their heroes and practice their field hockey drills, and there are numerous online resources from specialist sites such as https://www.sportplan.net/drills/Hockey/Defending-Skills/Double-team-jb0063.jsp.

Engagement of Fans

Being a super-fan is a big commitment, in terms of time and money; travel expenses, tickets, replica kits and much more are all a significant financial investment. Social media means getting ‘closer’ and interacting with heroes is easier than it has even been. Capitalizing on these opportunities can be big business for firms.

Virtual Reality

In a similar vein to social media and online advertising, VR will get you closer without actually being there. The NBA made history as the first league to broadcast a live game in VR when it showed the first match of 2015-16.

Mobile Ticketing

Going ticketless and contactless is becoming the norm today, and many sports events are following suit with mobile and e-tickets. There is the obvious saving to be made in print costs and resources, the value of the data exchanged can be huge to businesses as a potential revenue stream.

Smart Stadiums

The next step beyond mobile ticketing is smart stadiums to give spectators an even more enhanced experience than the “better than live” that some technological companies are offering their sofa-surfing customers.

This means wi-fi, 4G networks, ability to see replays, and having food and drink delivered to your seat.

Advances in sporting achievement and how we as the public enjoy them will continue to evolve. The pace looks set to the envy of sprinters everywhere!

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