Online video, a rough diamond for content marketing

Online video, a rough diamond for content marketing

Online video is the new rough diamond marketing content. Users enjoy seeking out and sharing videos. Every day no less than 100 million Internet users on sites like YouTube dive in search of these audiovisual creations.

However, the main objective entertainment is not meeting these videos are distributed over the network. The videos help to increase awareness of the product by 74%. On average, users spend 17 minutes playing online ads each month.

It is a content suitable for all audiences. Importantly, the online video knows no age; the users over age 50 consume as much or more audiovisual content online teens 18.

Online video, a rough diamond for content marketingVideos, like any other piece of content, are also a work tool. Half of users searches YouTube videos related to their work, while 75% of executives envision this type of videos that appear on pages company.

This audiovisual online activity has positive results for brands:

The video has a higher rate of memory than any other format. 80% of Internet users remember online video ads they consume.

The videos are able to entice users to action. 46% of them confirmed that the videos have influenced his subsequent conduct. Thus, 26% sought more information about the product, 22% went to the advertiser’s website, 15% himself at the store or company and 12% finally bought the advertised product. In the case of retailers, 64% of customers was more willing to buy a product after seeing a video on it.

The figures also indicate that the video has the capacity to improve the effectiveness of the actions of e-mail marketing. Specifically, it increases between 2 and 3 times the mailing CTR and conversion rate (51%).

Creativity is one of the factors determining the success of this type of content on the network. Those who have reached climax on YouTube can boast of having fulfilled his dream. An illusion that increasing the brand visibility reports. The study published in December by Unruly indicated that the reputation of viral videos of the brands has increased 50 times since 2006. If anything they have in common the creations of these great is the ability to innovate and its clear commitment to creativity. The basic ingredients of success in online communication for 2016.

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