7 P’s essential for the customer

7 P’s essential for the customer

Cultivating customer relationship is a long process, which is built day by day. To lighten this journey, it is preferable that the company work hard on offering all kinds of amenities, facilities and value-added services to their beloved customers.

It is important to note that customers, in most cases, only resort to the company when they have a problem. Therefore, if the company is concerned to show his calling customer service, when this situation occurs, everything will be easier. Nevertheless, to address this situation, it is important to note the 7 P’s of the customer, collected by CustomerThink.

7 P's essential for the customerPrivacy. Whatever the channel chosen by the customer to transmit your discomfort, you should always ensure data security and confidentiality. However public that are social networks, it is our duty to steer the conversation in private message, and even by mail or phone, if necessary.

Patient. Patience is the best value of any company, when managing customer dissatisfaction. It is imperative to assume that the negative experience suffered by the client take you lose the forms and act improperly, even unacceptable, from the point of view of the most basic standards of education. However, we can never stoop to his level. But must stoically endure the storm, and be an example of courtesy and good manners.

Paused. The above situation could lead to a hasty reaction, preventing adequate evaluation of the situation and, therefore, leading to take an ill -advised decision. Let us not be carried away by the lack of control imposed by the client, but, always, take a deep breath and turn to protocol established by the company for these cases.

Personal and empathetic. Customers need, demand, talk to a person.Detest heading to an automatic system; They are impatient with a response in social networks that fails and, above all, is crumbling under a cold and impersonal spokesman, shown impassive, and unable to understand their situation. To win customers, the first step is to make them feel cared for , demonstrate the commitment of the company to their welfare. Something that is only possible to get from person to person, not business – to person, much less machine – to – person.

Professional. Obviously, the head of customer care department must have really qualified professionals who know the company, its products and be able to properly manage the problems they will face.

Pragmatic. Having a resolute character is a value very appreciated for staff works daily directly with the customer. The ability to provide an adequate response, a quick and effective solution, determine the quality of service and, therefore, the rate of customer satisfaction.

Persevering. The customer does not end once attended your request. It is essential to keep track of it, in order to verify the proper solution of the problem. Also, should again contact the customer a posteriori, in order to know their degree of satisfaction with care, your problem solving and business in general. On the other hand, it is more than advisable to have a history of such efforts, in order to know, in future approaches by the client, all of its history.

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