The rebirth of email marketing and the corporate blog

There are many things that are cyclical, have moments of boom, decline, and changes in the environment, or simply the passage of time that makes them appear new, cause a rebirth. This happens for example with technology or with fashion. And it’s happening with email marketing and corporate blog use.

Many things are cyclical, they hide until they are visible again

When I started working with computers these were a scarce resource and expensive computing power, so I used to have “powerful” workstations that were accessed from terminals “dumb” or simply showed results on the screen. The increase in computing power of personal computers changed this configuration and we started to run the programs each on our PC. The use of applications in the cloud along with the increase and lowering of the bandwidth of Internet connections are changing the cycle, the computing power is in the network and we simply need access devices that do not run the programs.

Other times the backward turn comes from an understanding of the tool or concept that you did not previously have. I think this is the case with email marketing and corporate blogs. We are discovering its enormous power if they know how to use, we are “understanding” how to apply them.

There are words that are beautiful by their spelling, others by how they sound; I like the word “to understand” by its different nuances of its meaning: to embrace, to gird, to surround everywhere with something; contain, include in itself something; to understand, to reach, to penetrate; find justified or natural the acts or feelings of another.

In my first steps in the study of infinitesimal calculus in the race I found it difficult to draw the mathematical proofs of the exercises for myself. Among the theory was the definition of “limit”. I knew it by heart, just like the rest of the theory. A basis of work one day “I understood” the meaning of the definition, the consequences of the words written in it. From this day on, the mathematical proofs that came to me became obvious.

By using email marketing and corporate blogs we have come to understand its qualities, and we are able to use them with great effectiveness.

This rebirth is encouraged by the current market situation, the difficulties in selling, and the need to use mechanisms to create and cultivate linkage with customers, the importance that at the moment have the generation of useful content for our customers , of the convenience of transferring our knowledge more openly to the market to demonstrate that we have them. Today, thanks to the ability to access information, building knowledge is easier and faster; but we demonstrate to our market that we have this knowledge, someone will, and it will seem that we do not have it. We will be treading the ground, or we will appear as mere followers.

However, I keep reading that email marketing is dead, and that what kicks are social networks. We have the ugly habit of speaking ill of what we do not understand, or that does not feed us.

I am related email marketing and corporate blog, because if you identify the information and knowledge that are useful for your market, and that you are able to generate, you already have the content of a corporate blog. And if you have a corporate blog you already have the content to generate effective emails, and even almost effortlessly a newsletter.

Some cases that I think are good examples

  • Twitter has begun sending emails that encourage more active and viralizar content
  • The weekly real estate news summary of has 769,144 email subscribers
  • regularly sends emails to its users with interesting information related to their profile
  • hubspot has an excellent blog that uses e-mail with great effectiveness to reinforce the reputation of its brand and generate leads
  • Statistics of one of our most successful campaigns: opening rate 54.9%, click rate 31.6%

10 Recommendations for Successful Emailing

  1. Send interesting and useful information to your recipients
  2. Design e-mail titles well
  3. Uses an attractive yet simple design
  4. Take into account the usability to design the interactions
  5. Put a call to clear action
  6. Design host pages for calls to action
  7. Use creativity to encourage your clients to interact with you
  8. Analyze statistics and draw conclusions
  9. Manage your campaigns with a plant to know who is interacting with you
  10. Manage rejected emails to debug the list

6 Things to avoid

  1. Send emails too often overwhelming recipients
  2. Do not ever spam, you would be loading your brand image
  3. May the email look like a fireworks castle
  4. Put links that compete with your call to the main action
  5. Submit offers frequently
  6. Words in the title type: free, offer, last days

So I recommend that you design an email marketing strategy for your company. The opening and click statistics discussed above are unusually good, due to an extraordinarily well-designed and worked action, it is normal for opening rates to be between 10% and 30%, and clicks below 10%. Surely you have the ability to generate highly relevant content for your market, and you may not be getting enough benefits. Support yourself in professionals, but do a supervision of your work, since you are the one who knows your company best, and it is necessary that the communication you generate is aligned with your values.

What things work for you in your email marketing campaigns? What other practices do you think it is advisable to avoid?

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