Marketing and Social Media Pills

“The best advertising is what satisfied customers do.” This is undoubtedly one of the most popular phrases that Philip Kotler, one of the most important marketing gurus and visionaries left us to be remembered.

It is true that when we try to highlight certain “laws” or paradigms of marketing, we tend to resort to great quotes. Phrases and testimonies as bequests, who once marked the chair with his wisdom and professional experience, becoming reference points remembered in our present.

However, after the great names of those visionaries, there were always others who, perhaps less remembered, also knew how to anticipate their time. Professionals that beyond the actors of the media circus who on stage repeat phrases and messages of content emptied to like and like, use their word to attest to their long experience through which they have established themselves as authentic masters.

It is thus, as pills, as we try to put in value the testimonies and quotes of those professionals, who lack the guru’s award that many others attribute themselves, deserve to be highlighted and remembered.

A new reference guide with dozens of first-hand testimonials from real professionals who have passed or collaborated with our environment providing great value and accessible knowledge for all.

They are the true protagonists, who despite the lack of a famous media profile, are at the foot of war, in the battle continues to survive in their businesses and businesses. This is the legacy of true professionals and experts.

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