Marketing and effective strategies to publicize new products

The times in which the only ways to launch a product to the market effectively, was launching an investment – of relevance – aimed at achieving the dissemination of the media, have been left behind … today, the information is obtained here and now, platforms integrated systems that allow real-time dissemination to all media, companies and sectors in their area of ​​interest.

While these are the benefits of online promotion, as all SWOT has its threat, effective marketing strategies to launch new products require the integration of social, traditional and online marketing.

While traditional methods seem relegated to the background after the emergence of social networks, radio is still consolidated as the most effective way to promote a novel product, as obviously, television.

To achieve this, make a detailed and useful product file, if you take the job and time to identify your target audience globally, demographic data, age segment, sex, interests, hobbies, searches, consumer habits, etc. … and with an optimal return on investment.

Do not forget SEO, before achieving success in social media through an efficient online marketing campaign you have to have a basic starting point, to achieve this, having an Internet portal is still essential.

Keeping the page optimized, in relation to the density of keywords, tags, titles, unique URL and descriptive information of the product is essential. You need free content with which to start and take advantage of the marketing efficiency to promote content, launch an offer on your new product and use the email to do it, in this way you will be loyal to your network of contacts based on trust.

Advertising based on pay-per-click services increases quality. Contact editors of the best positioned portals to promote your new product, improve your network of contacts, your penetration and your business branding.

Social networks … we must not forget that they have an astronomical budget of 4 billion dollars that will be used for Facebook advertising during 2011.

Ensure quality, quality content and all the information that the user may need or require to achieve brand loyalty. Maintain quality always.

Do not leave behind the geolocation criteria, when more accurate is the identification of your target audience, the more efficient the marketing campaign will be and the more options you will have to achieve the sales of your new product, although to achieve it you have to live a slow process of reputation and brand consolidation

Groupon, shopping sites encourage the purchase, not only allows access to products that really meet needs and interests, but the purchase decision accelerates during the process of growth in popularity.

If you want to take advantage of the advantages of Web positioning, the success of online marketing campaigns and efficient reputation management, do not forget about blogs, invest in quality content, the network demands quality, training, innovation, growth Otherwise, it will not be effective.

To finish, do not forget to be present in the online sales sites, eBay, Amazon, Google Search, to promote your product with the label “” is an additional tranquility for customers.

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