Four SEO tips for 2016

More and more people are using online searches, so your business needs to be eminently findable. Which are the best SEO strategies for 2016? There have been many changes to the way search engines rank websites in 2015, and not all tried and tested strategies from the past will work in the future. How can you ensure that your website is easily found by the right people?

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Mobile Is the Key

In some countries, more people now search for content from their mobile devices than from their desktops. Making sure that your web content is mobile-friendly and pleasant to read will be vital, as this article demonstrates: Consider something as simple as bullet points.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Maybe a picture isn’t worth a thousand keywords just yet. But increasingly, sophisticated algorithms for video searches mean that day is coming. Users expect a visually appealing site. Apps such as Vine, Snapchat and Periscope encourage these expectations, as do most social media sites, and Google is now experimenting with including video ads in search results. Currently, you need to include some well-written text with your video for SEO best practice, but video is increasingly the medium to watch. See here for more tips: Firms such as Ambercouch, who do website design in Cardiff, can ensure your site is visually appealing.

Social Content Will Be More Important Than Ever

Google have just completed a deal with Twitter that means tweets and Twitter profiles will readily show up in the search results. This makes the relationship between your social content and your SEO much closer – those shares, comments, retweets and likes will have SEO value. Firms such as Ambercouch, website design Cardiff and other locations, can provide specialist knowledge and use social media to drive local traffic for small and medium-sized businesses.

It’s Not Just Keywords Any More

Keywords are still important for SEO, but search engines have become a lot more sophisticated. Instead of searching for specific words to appear on a page, user queries are now analysed in terms of user intent. This means that you should focus on having high-quality informative content on your site. Google, for example, will be looking for synonyms, words and phrases – natural language is becoming a focus for SEO.

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