How many websites are added to Google each day

How many websites are added to Google each day

The internet is growing at lightening speed. The data stored in cyberspace is immense. As the world becomes more mobile, the internet is available to more people for more hours and mobile internet usage is predicted to overtake desktop usage.

How many websites are added to Google each day

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It is hard to measure the total number of websites on the web. Hundreds of thousands are added to Google each day, but not all of these are live. Websites close for many different reasons. Domain names expire, companies fold, individuals may decide to shut down their personal site. Of all the websites added each day, only a few will survive for any length of time.

World’s biggest search engine

If you want to find out some information or search for a specific website, chances are you turn to Google. According to the Daily Mail, Google performs two million searches in just a single minute.

Google is by far the most successful search engine. It has an ever expanding portfolio of web-based products and services and owns organisations such as YouTube and Blogger. It also dictates search engine optimisation (SEO).

Achieving a high position on Google is an key objective for businesses, many of whom devote a large proportion of their marketing budget to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Google’s search engine uses several methods to determine which pages are displayed first in the search results. No one knows the exact formula, but there are things companies can do to improve their ranking.

Knowledge-Based Trust

At the moment, Google’s search algorithms don’t necessarily present you with the facts. Instead, you are provided with a list of sites that have mastered the art of Search Engine Optimisation. Earlier this year, Google announced plans to launch a Knowledge-Based Trust (KBT) system, which will rank sites according to true facts.

While the KBT system could be good news for internet searches and business owners, we should remember that not every website is based on fact. Some are created purely to entertain and how these will fit in with Google’s new system remains to be seen. Also, some facts may be one person’s interpretation of the truth.

Keeping up with the constant changes relating to search engine optimisation will be a challenge to anyone who runs a business website. To achieve that all-important Google ranking, businesses will have to be one step ahead of the game.

A well designed and easy to navigate website is the first requirement in terms of SEO and agencies such as provide this as well as being able to help with the next stage for many more businesses now which is apps.  They are Google apps consultants so have a clear understanding to many angles of digital marketing. Many of these organisations will also offer other services such as SEO, digital marketing and content development.

Google dominates the search engine market and remains the market leader in most countries. From medical concerns to celebrity gossip and the latest headline news, Google is the only search engine that is used as a verb.

Google is also an essential tool for businesses. Those that have an effective SEO strategy will achieve higher rankings, which will help to raise awareness and lead to more exposure to potential new customers.

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