Leaders do not depend on money

Leaders do not depend on money

Since the history of the 50-dollar bill made such an impact, I take the redeemed to reproduce the story of “Stone Soup”

Dedicated to all those who believe that it takes money to make money…


In a small village, a woman was a big surprise to see who had called her door one properly dressed stranger who asked for something to eat.

Sorry she said, but right now, I have nothing at home.

Do not worry; the stranger kindly said I have a soup stone in my portfolio. If you let me throw it in a pot of boiling water, I would do the most delicious soup in the world. Get a large pot please.

The woman’s interest was piqued, she puts the pot on the fire and went to tell the secret of the stone to its neighbors. When the water began to boil, the whole neighborhood had gathered to see the stranger and his soup stone.


The stranger dropped the stone in the water, then tried a spoon with real pleasure and exclaimed Delicious! All you need is a few potatoes.

– I will have some potatoes in my kitchen! A woman shouted.

In addition, in a few minutes she was back with a great source of peeled potatoes they were entitled to the soup. The stranger turned to try the concoction: Excellent! He said, adding thoughtfully:

– If we had a little meat, we would make a tasty stew.

Another housekeeper came buzzing and back with a piece of meat after accepting the stranger politely introduced into the pot. When she returned to try the broth, he rolled his eyes and said:

– Oh, how delicious! If we had some vegetables, it would be perfect, absolutely perfect…

One of the neighbors ran to her house and returned with a basket full of onions and carrots; after entering the vegetables in the pot, the stranger tried again soup and authoritatively said: -the salt.

Here it is, said the hostess… He then gave another order: Dishes for everyone!

People rushed to their homes in search of food.

Some even bringing back bread and fruit.

Then they all sat down to enjoy the splendid meal while the stranger handed out large portions of his incredible soup.


Everyone felt strangely happy as they laughed, talked and shared their food first. Amid the jubilation, the stranger quietly slipped away, leaving behind the miraculous soup stone, which they could use whenever they wanted to make the most delicious soup in the world…

Great story!

I think holds a lesson in life, organization and leadership extraordinary.

Realize they only had ONE STONE! … Yet the mere fact of creating the right context, was able to mobilize and motivate a neighborhood that in other circumstances, would have been unable to coordinate their efforts in the achieving a goal (much less in the hands of a stranger).

When you analyze it carefully, you will see that in real life usually leaders do not depend on money, they only have a backpack full of rocks for soup.

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