Why use the art of content marketing?

Why use the art of content marketing?

The marketing of content gains force in the market within the strategies of the companies. According to Wikipedia ‘content’ is called  any type of publication: Social (posts, tuits, updates in social networks …), online (newsletter, ebooks …), paper (corporate magazine …) and multimedia (Videos, podcasts …).

Why use the art of content marketing?

  • The main reason for using this technique is to transmit the information in another way, that is, to capture the customer’s attention pleasantly. The customer will no longer perceive this message: Buy my product !, but this other: Do you know this case in which this product has worked great?
  • Using content marketing brings  value before asking for anything in return.
  • You will increase the  diffusion of your brand and your online presence.
  • You are going to  favor the contact with your clients, since it has been demonstrated that what they value more is the quality content and specialized.
  • You are going to be loyal to your audience because when you generate content that solves your doubts, you will be interested in your content and will follow you through what you have created a relationship of trust with the brand.
  • You are going to  create a community with a high interaction index since your customers are going to talk constantly and not only that, they will also talk about your brand with others.

To be able to do a good marketing of contents is fundamental …

  • Have a content strategy that defines the process of structuring, organizing, managing and creating the content. For this you have to be very clear what kind of content to publish in which social networks, in the blog, etc., how many texts, infographics, etc., you need for each channel. I suggest creating a monthly table that shows when we want to publish, type of topics and where.
  • Know your audience and therefore deduce  what kind of information  is the responsibility.
  • Use interesting ingredients to arouse the interest of your target, applying the previous point.
  • Content must attract, stimulate and convince. For this you can use interviews, give advice, share figures, make comparisons?
  • Ensure that the  content is  current  and avoid being too commercial.
  • Add  new forms of content.
  • Always keep the keywords in mind   for each text.
  • Do not be impatient:  results take time to see.

There are different types of content:

  • Cured content, which has been heard so much lately. It is a technique that brings together the best of the already existing contents (a selection of contents is made and one gets the best of each one) adding a personal touch.
  • The  content reused, it is the case of using videos or images that already exist.
  • The  exclusive content, which is the most original, own and can range from recommendations to the development of a product or advice.

Have not you given Content Marketing the importance it has? Tell me what’s holding you back! Thanks for posting this post!

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