Content marketing, essential in the face of mobile marketing strategy

Content marketing, essential in the face of mobile marketing strategy

The mobile is already a device of daily use; In the United States 91% of users have one, and use it daily.

These users actively demand information; It is estimated that the number of searches performed through smartphone has already been equated to those registered with the computer; This implies a great demand for content, tailored for these handheld devices along with a great opportunity for mobile advertising.

Content marketing, essential in the face of mobile marketing strategyThe Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) reports in its Mobile Marketing Impact study last year in collaboration with IHS Global Insight that mobile advertising, customer management through these devices and direct marketing actions that take effect With the mobile will exceed 10 billion dollars by the end of the year, and this figure is expected to double by 2015.

In the same way that the investment in marketing increases, the ROI of the content increases. According to the MMA, efforts focused on mobile devices have impacted on obtaining more than 200 billion dollars in sales this year, which implies a profit of 20 dollars for every dollar invested in this area. This index is known as the MIR (Marketing Impact Ratio), which, according to the results, shows that the balance is very positive.

The MMA data also show that advertising on mobile devices helps companies reach their marketing goals, increasing brand awareness and web conversion rate; Reasons more than sufficient to encourage them to bet strongly by this means.

The InsightExpress study also reinforces the findings of the MMA, indicating that investment in mobile marketing reports positive numbers, fostering brand awareness and intent to purchase. His work estimates brands will increase their budget by more than $ 3.1 billion by the end of the year, and strive to optimize their content for these smart screens.

If so far one of the main objectives of the brands was to develop their online presence, using an SEO strategy and customer attraction, always focused on the traditional pc, now the conquest of the mobile space is the great challenge. For this, content marketing will be of great help. One of its great advantages is its ability to adapt to all devices, providing a multi-channel strategy and optimizing resources. For this reason, it is possible to monetize the investment in quality content simply by optimizing the web for these new devices.

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