The reasons your website needs to be responsive

The reasons your website needs to be responsive

Responsive web design is not a new concept, but in the age of the smartphone, it is one that has become increasingly valuable for sites that wish to succeed as habits for mobile browsing explode.

The reasons your website needs to be responsive

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More people now use their portable handsets to access the internet than a traditional PC or laptop. Aside from the sheer volume of traffic that you can expect to get from mobile owners, what are the other reasons to adopt a responsive website?

First impressions matter

The user experience offered by a website has always been important, but in the mobile era, people are less patient than ever. This means you have to satisfy users’ expectations from the word go, which is impossible to achieve if your site is not properly optimised.

With a responsive site, you can account for a whole host of variables, such as the screen size and resolution of the device that is being used to access it. This lets you hook first time visitors immediately, regardless of their mobile of choice, while still catering to desktop users.

SEO is easier with responsive sites

In the early days of mobile internet access, many sites would create both desktop and mobile iterations that were entirely distinct from one another, right down to the URL. However, the emergence of responsive design has rendered this approach unnecessary, with search engines like Google giving a rankings boost to any site that is cohesive and consistent across all platforms rather than fragmented for different audiences.

If you do not have the resources to transform your site with responsive design, getting in touch with agencies like Reading web design firm will let you unlock the SEO benefits that are waiting for you.

Responsive design is futureproof

The adaptability of responsive sites is not just applicable to the modern market but also to any future changes that might come about on the hardware side.

Smartphone screens are getting bigger and rocking higher resolutions year by year, and these are factors that a responsive site will take in stride. This means it will continue to look good and display content correctly even if there are any other alterations in tech trends in years to come that have yet to be predicted or even dreamt up by those on the manufacturing side of the equation.

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