Writing a Good Business Plan for your New Business

Starting up a business is exciting but can feel overwhelming too with so much to consider. This is one of the reasons why writing a business plan is essential before you start up – this will help you not just now but will also be invaluable to you in the future and is something that you can refer back to regularly.

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It is also a good idea to see if you can get some help with some things when setting up a business – getting professional accountants like this Gloucester accountants is a good idea when all of this is so new and you want to get it right from the start!


You want your business plan to be clear and concise – you want it to be useful to you but also something that shows readers such as banks that you have really thought about everything and can show how you predict your business to work in the future.


Talk about what the need is for your business -a gap in the market that you have identified and how you will be solving a problem – why would people want the product or service that you are offering? This is also where you talk about how your business will solve the problem and your experience in this industry.

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It is also good to put in examples of the market and show that you have done plenty of market research into this. Include the people you expect to be using your service and how you will market your product to them, as well as any research that you have done into the market itself, its changes and predictions for the future.

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