Places to See the Daffodils this Spring

This winter has been a particularly long and tough one. However, now there seems to be a lot of hope and light at the end of the tunnel and this is reflected in the display from the natural world. Spring is a lovely time of the year to get out and about and see all the beauty of nature and the natural world starting to wake up again, and one of the most beloved British flowers that represents the coming spring is the daffodil.

Of course, it can still get quite chilly at this time of the year so shop Aran sweaters for a cosy layer to keep you warm on your daffodil walks – here are some of the best places to see the joyful yellow flowers in the springtime…

Chartwell in Kent – This is the family residence of Sir Winston Churchill and is a great place to walk in the spring. You will be welcomed by the stunning display of thousands of daffodils and you can also walk through the orchard and gardens to see more spring blooms.

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Coughton Court in Warwickshire – This fantastic place has over 100 types of rare daffodil to see and the garden itself was created in honour of Doctor Tom Throckmorton who was known as ‘The Dean of Daffodils’. He took an interest in breeding many of the rare species of them.

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Springhill in Co. Londonderry – For a spectacular display of an array of coloured daffodils this is the place to come. From white to orange and of course yellow, from mid-March this is a great place to see them.

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