How to get the most out of action sports sponsorship network

How to get the most out of action sports sponsorship network

How to take advantage marks their actions “Sponsorship”, which is also applicable SMEs who want to make a different action by a sports sponsorship and get the maximum performance. There are certain elements that are interesting to note also designed for small businesses:

  • Be able to connect very well when content (the event itself) associated with certain hobbies is created
  • By a sporting event you can work multiple formats and advertising channels

To reach the maximum number of people and that this action will have a positive impact on our business, we divide our actions in 3 stages based on time: before the event, during and after the sporting event from the point of view of the organizer to give good service to the sponsors.

How to get the most out of action sports sponsorship networkHow to treat the sports sponsorship before the event

A few months before the event itself, we can prepare many things that allow us to have a range more than satisfactory:

– Finding the “media partners” related: “media partners” are means you’re going to give them visibility as sponsors for your event and they’re going to give a space in which they talk about the event itself including the brands sponsor.

– Prepare a “kit” press for further dissemination.

– Create communication channels event: page on facebook, or youtube channel for example whether to publish videos.

– Monitor content to users follow the sport in question in order to create community on the net and go sending notices the event itself.

– Go generating assets related content to keep users with whom we have connected, not only the event because we can saturate those affected.

During the sporting event

At this stage you must pay attention to the following points:

– Try to get the maximum number of photos and videos so that then we can deal with the post-event guarantees this content obviously must have a visual component for sponsors.

– Communicate well meeting points online for attendees once completed it.

Own shares after the event

This is one of the most important parts in order to justify the service performed:

– Prepare all the material for social media: A video of the entire course of the event, short videos with funny moments and the set of photos that can be used.

– Create all possible with the selected content virality: is very useful to do some kind of sweepstakes or incentive to keep people connected

– A direct advertising from sponsors and media partners for own or related

– Note / indirect advertising article to send to all media with a topic of interest related to attempt some means more publish it

– Measure the impact and gather all the information to make the dossier sponsorship for sponsors

After the sponsorship is the “excuse” and the focus on an activity, in this case sports, in order to link the activity and values ​​of a company with participants and people who typically consume about a sport.

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