How to get you to a managerial position fiche

How to get you to a managerial position fiche

This is probably the big question that many people do: How do I become a manager in a multinational or a large company I the truth is I have not had the opportunity to work in multinational, you can never say that this will not drink water but I always leaned more for spearheading own project.

What I have had the possibility is being surrounded by many friends and acquaintances who have “broken the horns” to try to reach senior positions in international firms, some with more luck than others, together with long conversations with people dedicated to the sector specialized in hunting talent projection to take these coveted and “expensive” to get human resources managers or “headhunters”. From here you can outline the conclusions I draw from all this gathering of experiences 3th in this area:

How to get you to a managerial position ficheThe first entry I draw is that it is extremely sacrificed arrive, and hardly achievable before age 35, but on the other hand, the way forward is more defined than in the world of startups where you have to throw yourself and know how to manage more does uncertainty.

The keys to you for a management position fiche

Analyzing success stories, a series of patterns are repeated to consider:

1- Complete Studies: Studies mainly in two phases. First a career such as ADE, economic or some engineering for example. And a second important point is to have an MBA or an “executive master” more specific in operations, finance or marketing.

2- Languages: Which is possibly a multinational company and tells us a lot? English is indispensable and the fact of not having it is a serious limitation. And if you want to make a difference a 3rd language related to some emerging market: Chinese, Japanese, Russian…. there if you’re going to really emphasize.

3- Some degree of mobility: It is very likely that at the beginning and go jumping in your career from human resources, will be raised a couple of years in a market that is growing in Asia or Latin America for example. It has happened on many occasions that reject these options after negative mark your future in the company. In their managers they want them “seasoned” with more than one international experience. As many say, it is part of the “training”.

4- Strong leadership qualities: To deepen this field you can check the keys to lead in difficult times.

5- Clear skills in problem solving: I think one of the questions Star selection processes is “explain to me a complex situation or criticism which has been involved and how he managed to solve it”, in other words, “you want this position? it shows how good and effective they are solving problems because I guarantee that you will have of all colors.”

6- Skills in communication and motivation techniques: Here what is measured is how effective you are transmitting the values ​​of the company and how good you can become to motivate your teams to make the best of them getting reach the objectives.

7- Negotiating Skills: Most of the time you will have to negotiate with suppliers, employees, or even some board so these skills you will need.

8- Consolidated in finance and coldness knowledge to interpret the numbers: For your table it will be many financial reports with charts, statistics … those numbers are the basis for making strategic business decisions.

9- To have seen different areas of the business itself: Having spent many years in operations and logistics for example may worry that you have a partial view of the activity of the company. But if you have gone through different departments, it is assumed to have capacity to adapt to new realities.

10- Mentoring: Having been respected mentor is highly valued in these processes.

Seen all this, if you thought the life of entrepreneurs is tough and complicated, that of the officers and directors will not be less.

What do you consider necessary to be a serious candidate to occupy an important managerial position?

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