Advertising investment on the Internet increased 19.2%

Advertising investment on the Internet increased 19.2%

According to data from the latest ‘Index of Advertising Investment (I2p)’, prepared by Arce Media and Media Hotline, advertising investment in conventional media experienced a growth of 1.4% over the past year, from 5,096 million from 2009 to 5,168 million euros in 2010.

Regarding the different media analyzed, the cinema experienced the highest growth, increasing its advertising investment by up to 28.8%, followed by the Internet with 19.2% and television, which in relative terms increased by 3.2%.

The press media, once again become the great victims, experiencing the greatest decline and registering a drop in advertising investment of 4%. Radio, Exterior and Magazines closed with less significant setbacks, between 0.5% and 2.8%.

As for the different professional sectors by volume of advertising investment, beverages, energy, fashion, accessories and home, they were among those that experienced the greatest growth during 2010, compared to those of public services, art and shows, travel and tourism. and decoration, which experienced different descents.

The beginning of 2010, was undoubtedly key as the start of the recovery of advertising investment, when investment decreased by 3.2% during the first quarter. A positive figure considering the decrease of 25% experienced during the same period of 2009.

In the second quarter of the year, the growth of advertising investment increased to 6.2% as a consequence, according to the study, of different factors, among which the scheduled increase in VAT for the third quarter and state aid to boost the automotive sector, which as a result generated an increase in its advertising investment in this sector.

During the third quarter of the year, the advertising investment remained stable with a positive growth of 0.1%, and 1.4% during the last quarter of the year.

Looking to the current year 2011, the forecasts of the study reflect a moderate growth of 2.4%, that is, about 150 million euros more than during the past year 2010.

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