Advertisers say that the worst of the crisis has passed

The data of the latest Infoadex study reflects a new reality of the advertising market after a long period of economic recession. According to this report for this same year the volume of advertising investment will be maintained with respect to the data of the past year 2010. That is about 5,849.5 million euros. Good news for the executives of advertising companies included in the Zenthinela panel who consider and affirm that “the worst of the crisis has passed”.

However, these forecasts are slightly worse than those previously made by Zenthinela only two months ago, when the forecasts predicted an increase of 0.4 percent of the investment for this year 2011.

During the years 2008 and 2009, the advertising market experienced one of its worst and most difficult moments, reducing almost a third of its volume. The second quarter of 2009 marked a turning point. As of that moment, the rate of the fall was attenuated until obtaining a rise in 2010 of 3.9 percent of the investment, according to Infoadex. In this sense, the advertisers point out that although the beginning of 2011 “is not being particularly bright”, this year the same investment of the previous year could be maintained.

Regarding the type of investments, investment in media is increasingly digital, including television, while the press loses more and more weight. Thus, where advertisers predict that where more will increase investment in 2011, a 14.3 percent, will be on the Internet, with increases in advertising on search engines and links by 13.7 percent and in graphics and video a 13.5 percent.

On the other hand, according to advertisers, mobiles will increase their advertising investment in 2011 by 13.4 percent; thematic television in open, 8.4 percent; the subject of payment, 3.9 percent; and general television, 0.7 percent.

Meanwhile, investment in cinema will fall by 9.4 percent in 2011; newspapers, 8.1 percent; the means for immigrants, 7.3 percent; the supplements, 7 percent; local television, 5.3 percent; the magazines, 3.5 percent; the radio, 1.8 percent; and the outside, 1.6 percent.

On the new media on the Internet, Zenthinela panelists expect that the investment in social networks in 2011 rise to 24.3 million euros, which is a 16.8 percent increase over the figure estimated by the panel itself as an estimate in 2010; the investment in Blogs is 9.6 million euros, 17.1 percent more and Video on the Internet, which experienced a significant expansion in 2010 could receive an investment of 13.6 million euros, a 21.4 % above the figure estimated as real investment in 2010.

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