Trending Topics A double-edged sword?

Trending Topics A double-edged sword?

Any of us who are on Twitter, doing our usual activity or celebrating an event and sharing it in the microblogging network with the rest of the users want a hashtag that we have created ourselves is the most used, the most viralized. In a word, let it be Trending Topic.

In Social Media, being Trending Topic is the best. This means that there are many users, the vast majority, who have moved our label, giving it a lot of visibility and allowing us to reach a large number of people who have read the information we have disseminated.

Being Trending Topic is equivalent to people talking about us, and that’s fine, it’s a goal achieved, since for brands it is essential to talk about them, that your message can reach your target audience in an effective and direct way . If our label moves with dynamism it means that there are many users who are talking about us, that we are focusing the conversation among many people, and that is one of the fundamental precepts for us as Community Managers, to create dialogue and conversation in the community.

But, like the analog world, people can talk a lot about a certain topic, although that does not mean that what they say and comment is positive. Imagine a conversation about any politician, since it can be a pretty clear example: imagine for a moment that a politician gives a press conference and announces that he will follow a line of action, say, unorthodox. After a while, due to the coverage provided by the different media and social networks, if it really is something important, people will comment a lot, will talk about it, but, they may do so to criticize the management of that politician.

That is the negative part of the Trending Topics, which is not always what is said is good for us or for our brand. Very often we see on Twitter that the most commented topics are negative or critical opinions about a certain issue.

Can they be a double-edged sword?

The ability to viralize the microblogging network can cause something to spread at an incredible speed, and if what is viralized is beneficial for us, there is no problem, but if the subject in question is negative or harmful to us, we can face to a difficult situation that will test our ability to react. We must be prepared for it.

Therefore, let’s not sing for being Trending Topic. First, let’s analyze the reason, what has led us to be the most talked about, and if the reason for those conversations is negative, let’s try our best and try to solve the situation and the problem before it gets out of hand.

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